Silcox Tree Services provide a wide range tree management with our experience and highly qualified arborist’s that will undertake work on your tree’s with ease in and around Narberth, Carmarthen and Swansea.


A traditional method of tree management, the term ‘pollarding’ is often mis-used to describe poor tree pruning. Where it is appropriate, pollarding involves pruning the tree quite dramatically, often to only a few metres high, from which shoots re-grow with surprising vigour. It can be an effective way to greatly reduce the size of a tree while also leaving it in an easily maintained condition when done on a regular basis.

Crown reduction
This helps to reduce the overall volume and size of a tree’s crown, and still able maintaining the natural balance and shape. Sometimes a tree with a potentially hazardous decay or cavity may be spared removal by reducing its crown volume; in some situations it can be dangerous with strong winds.

Crown lifting
This is to remove the lowest branches of a tree, providing increased clearance below. Often carried out on roadside trees as there are specific height clearances. It also can be an effective and affordable way of increasing the light below garden trees.

Tree felling/Dismantling and removal

Silcox Tree Services with our professional crew will effectively and efficiently remove your tree including brush and timber from your site.

Ash Tree Dismantle